A New Being

A New Being

By Nina Elisabet Jensen & My Helmner
Roskilde Vineyard / Copenhagen Vineyard

Back in november 2020, I prayed to God very specifically for my art and the dreams I had for my artistic work. When I came home from work later in the afternoon, an email from My Helmner waited in my inbox. She asked me to play a long with an art piece. God has a great sense of timing…

This led to a correspondence about connecting music with other different expressions and creative gifts within the Vineyard Nordic, an exchange of thoughts, dreams and ideas. I thought it could be fun to make a live jam session with worship music and different art forms. This inspired My to make a personal jam session playing and singing for an hour while looking at my painting. The recording she did during that hour of jamming is now part of the art piece. 

It was personally a very uplifting experience, in a time where we are prevented from meeting physical in church or in groups. It does not prevent us from meeting online and creating together. We should not underestimate that God is able to create and connect us in many different ways.

So this painting with its connecting music is the beginning of a hopefully numerous jamsessions between artists in the Nordic Vineyard movement and other interested artistic people.

Now it is your turn to play a long, while we lend your eyes, ears and mind in this composite piece of art ‘A New Being’ by Nina Elisabet Jensen and My Helmner.